• Donations

    by Published on 23rd January 2013 14:44

    Thank you all for playing on our servers, posting on our forums, voting for us on all those websites and having a good time.

    If you enjoy yourself here, please consider helping us out. Hosting servers can be quite expensive, see our new server plans thread if you want to know how expensive exactly. We host several huge modded Minecraft servers. We're hosting a website and forums. Spending quite a lot of time doing admin stuff and moderating our servers to keep them a fun place to play on.

    If you can spare some money, please consider donating. If you are interested in donor perks please use our market to get those:

    You can read more about our donor perks on the donate page.

    Donations start at 15 euro. They are valid for as long as we are running Minecraft servers. So it's a one-time only donation that gets you into all of our tier 1 donor servers. Right now that 3 huge servers.
    Copied from the new server plans thread above: