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  • New SMP Skyblock Server

    The Skyblock servers used to be a donor perk only. But since the donors didn't play, and everybody else wanted to play, I thought I'd make a new server.

    So starting today HappyDiggers has a brand new multiplayer Skyblock server!

    On the Skyblock server you can create your own island and play there alone, or you can invite friends to come over to your island and help build your mini-empire. There are a few commands you need to know. You can find the commands on the server by reading the signs in the spawn area. But just to be sure I'll post them here as well.

    Words in [] - optional, in <> - required
    /island - shows info about plugin
    /island create - create new island for player
    /island create [schematic] - create new island for player using given schematic file
    /island clear - clear buildings on isle and back to start state
    /island delete - delete whole isle and loose ownership
    /island info - shows informations about our island
    /island sethome - change home point for teleport
    /island home - teleport to your island
    /island expell - teleport out players without perms from your island
    Party commands
    /island add <PlayerName> - add player to your island
    /island remove <PlayerName> - remove player from your island
    /island tp <PlayerName> - teleport to player island
    /island leave - leave party (island)
    Challenge commands
    /challenges list - Show challenges
    /challenges complete <id> - Complete challenge

    The server is protected by MineBans and Coreprotect. It also comes with Dynmap and plenty of void to fall down in

    You can join the server here:
    IP: skyblock.happydiggers.net:25568
    Dynmap: http://skyblock.happydiggers.net

    As always: have fun, enjoy yourself, and please respect the rules and players
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