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  • Mojang is two years old!

    It seems like Minecraft isn't that old. But it has already been two years since Mojang was founded. To celebrate Mojang's 2 year anniversary with us they posted their most memorable Mojang moments.

    “For me it’s probably when we celebrated one million sales by going to karaoke and having Jakob sing “Hooked on a Feeling.” Either that, or when we took Notch’s jet to visit Vlambeer in Utrecht, Netherlands. That was awesome!”
    Yes, that's right. The Netherlands are awesome!

    Go read the rest of their Mojangsta moments.
    Comments 2 Comments
    1. demman8's Avatar
      demman8 -
      I remember back in July 2009 I got minecraft...

      Thanks for showing me it, ben!
    1. qlx_extron's Avatar
      qlx_extron -
      i remember when i first got minecraft it was so fun and not lagy lol
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