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  • Minecraft 1.4 server updates

    Minecraft 1.4, aka "pretty scary update" has been released. This means more awesome content, new features and a lot of stuff to explore.

    This also means some servers are updated immediately, while others have to wait for all the plugins to support this new release. I have just updated the Vanilla server, so you can play there if you are on our whitelist. If you'd like to be included on our whitelist, get people who are already on it to recommend you. It's invite only, but we'll leave you guys a little room to wiggle

    Our other servers will remain 1.3.2 for a little bit longer while we wait for updated plugins. People who have already upgraded their Minecraft client to 1.4 can still play on our servers, but need to use 1.3.2. We have a tutorial on how to use older versions on Minecraft right here. Yes, 1.3.2 is now officially old
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