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  • Lagmeter on Skyblock and Prison servers

    A few players have commented that the Skyblock server doesn't have enough RAM. I said they were wrong, because they are!

    To help people fight lag on our servers I've installed lagmeter. With this plugin you can see how much RAM the server is using and what the avarage TPS (Ticks Per Second) for the past 10 seconds are.

    From the Minecraft Wiki
    "Nearly all video games (including Minecraft) are driven by one big program loop. Just as every gear in a clock is synchronized with the pendulum, every task involved in advancing a game simulation is synchronized with the game loop. Appropriately, one cycle of the game loop is called a tick.

    Minecraft's game loop runs at a fixed rate of 20 cycles per second, so one tick happens every 1/20th of a second. An in-game day lasts exactly 24000 ticks, or 20 minutes.

    On each tick, various aspects of the game advance a little bit: moving objects change position, mobs check their surroundings and update their behavior, health and hunger are affected by the player's circumstances, and much much more."

    So ideally the server will manage to do exactly 20 TPS. If it does and it has enough RAM available, the server should be lag free. Lag problems in such cases should only happend if a player's connection to the server is less then ideal or the player's computer has trouble running Minecraft.

    Players can use the following commands in-game to see the server's performance:
    • /lm or /lagmem - Shows server tick rate and memory usage.
    • /lag - Check current tick rate
    • /mem - Check current available memory

    Since I've just installed this plugin I don't yet know how well our servers are performing. With just me on the server I get a solid TPS of 20.0 and loads of RAM to spare.

    I'm curious to see how the servers hold up when more players join. Let us know how the server holds up, share your experiences
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