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  • 1.4.4 is out! and server updates

    Minecraft 1.4.4 has been released yesterday. This new release brings a lot of new features and a ton of bug fixes that should make life more pleasant while playing Minecraft on the HappyDiggers servers

    Here's the condensed list for 1.4.4
    • Server IPs can now be hidden individually when editing or adding a server
    • Server version is now displayed left of the connection bars
    • Server ping tooltip now shows if the server and client have mismatching protocol versions
    • Mismatching servers can't be joined
    • Renamed Chat Settings to Multiplayer Settings
    • Added an option for cape-owners to hide their capes in-game
    • Added Fullscreen and VSync toggles
    • Though this is not in the settings menu, you may go into the options.txt in %appdata% and toggle advancedToolTips. This shows you the item IDs of everything and the durability of tools and armor.
    • The piechart is now shown when using shift+F3 instead of vice versa
    • Added the cardinal direction and the degree value to the f value indicating the direction the player is facing
    • Now shows which chunk and where in that chunk the player is in on X and Z values
    • Pressing P while holding F3 will toggle the auto-pause when the Minecraft window loses focus
    • Pressing H while holding F3 will toggle detailed item descriptions, which additionally show item id, damage value, color code, tool/armor/weapon damage and map zoom level and scale on the tooltip
    • Updated language files
    • Spawn protection now is disabled if there's nothing in ops.txt
    • Spawn protection radius can now be changed in the server.properties file
    • Improved Creative inventory
    • Items can now be cloned by using Pick Block on them - An item stack with the highest amount of items possible in it will be created
    • Items can now be shift-clicked around on the survival inventory screen
    • Improved General inventory
    • Pressing the 1-9 hotkeys while hovering over an item will exchange that item with the one from the corresponding hotbar slot
    • Status effects now cause the inventory window to be off-center regardless of screen aspect ratio
    • A whole lot more changes

    All our servers have been updated to 1.4.4. Except for the Vanilla and Snapshot server this means they are running on a pretty experimental build of Craftbukkit. There are bound to be bugs and glitches. But at least everyone can update their Minecraft clients and play on our servers

    If you encounter any problems on our servers, please let us know on our forums so we can try to fix things.
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