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  • How to play on our 1.4.5 servers

    As you may have read, Minecraft 1.4.6 has been released. Eager to get new updates, you may have clicked 'YES' when asked if you wanted to update. And now you can no longer play on our servers with that client.

    Good news! You can play on our servers using the older 1.4.5 client
    Follow our tutorial here. There is a section that describes how to download and use older versions of Minecraft. Unfortunately the only slightly old 1.4.5 hasn't been added to the download list yet. But you can still get it straight from the Mojang website: http://assets.minecraft.net/1_4_5/minecraft.jar

    Download it it your %appdata%\.minecraft\bin directory and save it as minecraft-1.4.5_pre-release.jar. The image below is an example for an even older Minecraft version so pay attention to the name of the .jar file.

    Then run the digiex launcher to play with the 1.4.5_pre-release on our servers. At least untill they get upgraded to 1.4.6
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