• Feed The Beast Server

    Feed The Beast

    In addition to our whitelisted Vanilla server, loyal members of our community can now also enjoy our Feed The Beast server. This server is using a whitelist that's invite only, so please don't ask. If you wish to be considered for the whitelist, you can play on our other servers so we can get to know you a little better

    The FTB servers is currently running the HappyDiggers AMP mod pack. We made this mod pack ourselves. It is available on the FTB launcher using private pack code HappyDiggersAMP Anyone can play this mod pack and make videos with it, there's no need to ask permission. We would really like to see your videos if you videos so post them on the forum. Pimping your HappyDiggers AMP videos is allowed.

    Here are a few of my videos:

    More videos are available on our Youtube Channel.

    Note to all the whitelisted players:
    Please keep track of the HappyDiggers AMP thread in the V.I.P. section for the latest version of this pack. We use the FTB server to test new versions of the mod pack before it's released on the FTB launcher.

    Feed The Beast Server Info
    IP: ftb.happydiggers.net:25574
    Dynmap: http://ftb.happydiggers.net
    Access: This server is whitelisted. Whitelist is done by invite only so please don't ask. Instead play on our Small World server to get invited.
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