• Adventure Server


    The HappyDiggers Adventure server features awesome adventure maps that change regularly. Currently the server is running Herobrine's Return. You can play this map coop so bring your friends

    To play on this server you will need the "A'therys Ascend" texture pack.
    Download here
    You will also need MCPatcher to actually use that texture pack.
    Download here

    We would like you to register on this forum so we can get to know you and so that you can report any problems you have.

    The server is running on plain Vanilla. No bukkit, no plugins, just Minecraft and the map. The server will restore the map from backup each time the last player leaves the server. This way new players will always start on a fresh map.

    IP: mc.happydiggers.net
    Dynmap: not available
    Acces: Open to anyone as long as you follow our rules.

    Vote for us on the following links to get free moneyon the server! You can vote as many times as you like. Please use all the links provided, it really helps us
    Links will follow soon.

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