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    We have been running ads on this site since october 2012. During that time the ads have produced a revenue of $9,26. That's about $3 a month. In my opinion having banners on this site isn't worth 10 cents per day. Therefore I have decided to remove the banners.

    Instead I have added a new donation button and donation page. We would like to thank all of you guys for making this a nice community to be in. And we would like to ask you to help us out by donating. As you might imagine hosting all those servers simply costs a lot of money.

    Thank you
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    1. DOM's Avatar
      DOM -
      You deserve the credit J. Donated!
    1. demman8's Avatar
      demman8 -
      I think I might be able to donate. All the time I've spent on these servers should cost me something.
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