• Mupje at HappyDiggers FTP - Ep 1. Beekeeping

    Mupje's first ever video! Bee sure to watch it ^^

    Feed the beast Extra Bees: automated bee farms and cross breeding
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    1. Marius49's Avatar
      Marius49 -
      Better than any video J did ^^

      Keep it up!
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      Hey J, ava invited 1 of his friends who got mad at him and is griefieng our house!
    1. Mupje's Avatar
      Mupje -
      Quote Originally Posted by Marius49 View Post
      Better than any video J did ^^

      Keep it up!
      Haha, I haven't gotten to the point of blowing things up yet I heard it's possible though, with certain kinds of bees
    1. wordie101's Avatar
      wordie101 -
      Cool video really enjoyed it ...will like and sub .on YouTube soon as get on a real computer ..not this dam restrictive iPad crap ..
      ps : check out generikB from the mindcrack team for the explosive fire starting and lightning creating bees ,..it's a very very funny video
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