• Minecraft Feed The Beast - E7 - Wisp Farm pt2

    We've finished creating a node that spawns wisps, adjusted the node housing and got a working Wisp Farm now.

    Sverf joined us halfway through the video. He's our Linux guru and general server admin guy.
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    1. Sverf's Avatar
      Sverf -
      Last night when Mupje just logged out the 'flux spew forth something foul'. No idea what spawned though, maybe a Giant Brainy Zombie?

      Seems the effects are related to what type of essence is in flux, most essences just generate wisps, but there are a couple of nast ones:
    1. Sverf's Avatar
      Sverf -
      Though when I've built my lightning capacitor I vote for a lot of Vacuos + Visum
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Mupje was throwing random stuff into the crucible to see what would happen. I helped a little...

      Anyway I think I'll steer clear of Thaumcraft for now, it seems people keep crashing left and right as soon as they start researching things and giant nodes come into play
    1. Sverf's Avatar
      Sverf -
      Had no problems last night while working on my new base near the giant golem, so it must only be when that node is visible or something.
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