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  • Applications for Builders are now OPEN! - updated

    Yep you read it right! Applications are now open and you can easy become one of our builders if you are good enough... and we know we have the best builders in our community

    The builders are needed for a future project we are working and will start pretty soon. (Once i get the map ready )

    I was looking around the servers to see if there are some people worth to "hire" and I've selected some of you to help us but application is still obligatory (consider it accepted tho) : cliffs, Daniel_lol_ (and his skyblock fellows), TeenageDreamer, Magicofgame and roadies friends. There are a few more I just can't remember right now but make an application and I'll sure recognize the name.


    Also check out DOM's latest blog: My Minecraft "Career"

    Basically we are looking for community members to step up and try to fill part of DOM's rather sizable shoes
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