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    by Published on 6th April 2013 15:45

    The people you see on this page are the staff of HappyDiggers. They volunteer their free time towards making this an awesome community for people to join. If you see any of them around, say hi

    Name: InsaneJ
    Rank: Server Owner
    Bio: InsaneJ, or J as he's often called joined DOM's server when it was still hosted on Beastnode. He started hosting the Vanilla server on his own hardware and registered the happydiggers.net domain. Soon after that the forums were moved to this domain and a lot of servers were added to the HappyDiggers server list.

    After donations dried up the Towny server on Beastnode was closed down and J's server was the only one remaining. It currently hosts 11 different Minecraft servers.

    J spends his days maintaining the Minecraft servers and can often be seen on the FTB server. Apart for the server stuff he also tries to keep the HappyDiggers community running by managing the staff and facilitating new server projects.

    Recently J has started making the HappyDiggers AMP pack and took over development of the HappyDiggers RPG pack.
    Name: DOM a.k.a. Da Ork Masta a.k.a. Black_Steel
    Rank: Founder
    Bio: DOM is my name, Minecraft is my game. I have played Notch's gift to the world since Alpha (when it was much cheaper). The game was suggested to me from some random guy in one of my Macro Economics classes (if you can, avoid that class). DOM stands for "Da Ork Masta", the gamertag that I use on every community I join. I am a full time Engineering student aspiring to be a professor and a part time Lead at my job.

    Minecraft "Career":
    Quite a long time ago, I started to watch some tutorials on YouTube for Minecraft Beta and came across some Let's Plays that I still watch today. I became very interested in a specific YouTuber, Etho, and was driven to make videos and inventions like him. I started recording my first videos a couple of years ago and still record today.

    This community started from an idea that I had one late night (probably sleep deprived) to start up a server for my viewers to play on with me. On one of my "Subscriber Special" videos I introduced the first public server for our community. My goal was to get a large following and play vanilla Minecraft un-moderated. This community grew into what we have today, HappyDiggers.

    Today I mostly play on the servers in my spare time. I try not to get too involved in the projects of this community, but work behind the scenes to plan, fix, config, and program the various servers and plugins. This role inspired me to make the HappyGuilds plugin.
    Name: Sverf
    Rank: Admin
    Bio: I've heard a lot of stories about minecraft from people last year, but never considered to play 'the blocky game with huge pixels'. That is untill J convinced me FTB was awesome and something I would probably like very much as well. So it came to be that at the end of January 2013 I tried vanilla single player for an evening, then a week later bought it and started playing on the FTB server. I haven't played much other games since So far I haven't played on servers other then happydiggers' FTB yet, but that will probably change soon.

    Before actively joining this community early 2013, I have been involved behind the scences in setting up and managing linux on J's servers since the early 2000's when we played some Warcraft II with the old IPX network protocol tunneled by our 2 Linux servers over the big bad internet. I work in the IT (also mainly with Linux) and studied Electrical Engineering before that.
    Name: DigitallyFidget
    Rank: Admin
    Name: Jiro_89
    Rank: BOFH
    Bio: I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you're looking for fruit trees, I can tell you I don't have any... but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you follow the rules I will let that be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you... but if you break the rules, I will look for you, I will find you... and I will ban you.
    Name: RainnMannx
    Rank: Admin
    Bio: Hello, my nickname was given to me by my buddy’s from when I was in the service.

    I have been a gamer since the Commodore 64 days. Have played a wide variety of games in my time. Mostly enjoy fps games when working with a clan, & open world games as Fallout 3, Skyrim, & Minecraft.

    My son got me to try out Minecraft a few years back. Played it a bit & didn’t get into it much. Heard about mods for it & saw the TFC survival mode as it should have been & haven’t looked back. Have been into TFC since around build 68. Have seen quit a few servers come & go. Found HappyDiggers looking for a new place, & really like the staff & how well the rules are enforced. I think online games with other people make the games.
    Name: RJS1997
    Rank: Moderator
    Bio: RJS1997 aka RJ is my name, I first started minecraft around alpha mostly played survival. around 1.7 i started looking for servers to play on, one day i ran into Dom's vids, I watched his lp and then a few days later he posted a video about him starting a server. the day it came out I came on and ever since then I have played on this server. Im not that active on the forums, sorry for that, but im getting better at checking it, Irl I am struggling with Mono and Celiac which if you guys dont know Mono causes alot of exhaustion and Celiac has made me gluten free. these two diaseses have caused alot of problems for me. mainly missing days because of The Mono and missing school. but I try to be as active as I can to play on the server. In my free time i love to work on custom maps, worldedit wont download for me so i have to do everything by hand, but I enjoy and maybe someday I will get a map done. As for me and this server Im never leaving, and hope this server will be up for many years
    Name: Epimetheus
    Rank: Ark admin
    Bio: Hey, im Epimetheus and started playing on the Happydigger servers around the time Scorched Earth came released. I love to play PvP, but if you want to play Ark you need to like PvE aswell. I played on the HappyDigger servers for over 3 years now and will continue doing that. In that time i tried to help the servers and the community as much as a i can, to have a large and active community.
    I also like to play LoL, many RTS and RPG´s, a mix helps me to keep playing all the games.
    If you have suggestions or just want to play with me hit me up!
    Name: Marius49
    Rank: Moderator
    Bio: Marius49 known as the guy that has lots of innovation, building skills and a good sense of humor joined DOM's server since it was just a small community full of great people. He was known for creating big towns being the one with the biggest Town and Nation on the first Towny map. As time passed and maps changed he made other towns bigger and greater than the one before, meeting more people but also obstacles on the road. One time he was the Master of InsaneJ leading him to the path of success and glory while he was chopping out all trees that got in his way (Seriously J chopped all trees of the town and replaced them with a few leaves...if global warming kills us don't forget to thanks him! )

    Now he is still a member of this community (and you just realized that by reading all this) being known as the Silent and Deadly weapon that terminates every villainous players on his way.

    IF you want to mess the servers just give a shout and consider yourself out of existence.
    Name: legendair968
    Rank: Moderator
    Bio: Hello! My In Game Name is Legendair968! I play video-games... I think? I also enjoy listening to music, as well as making it! I try to play a different variety of games, but I tend to stick to the same series of games like Zelda, Pokemon, Halo, and some others.

    I enjoy listening to all styles of music as long as they are upbeat (tempo wise) and that goes the same with playing music. My main instrument is Trombone, but I love to play other instruments as well. I am always progressing with my music capabilities whether that be getting better at an instrument or learning to play a new one!

    Now that you know about me, go stalk someone else ;p
    Name: LarsonPacific
    Rank: Moderator
    Bio: After fourteen years as a multi-platform enterprise systems admin and systems automation/data migration programmer, I left my career in technology to pursue what I enjoy, and now run a small fishing charter company in my little hometown on the inside west coast of British Columbia, Canada. I hunt, fish, tan hides, build stuff, fix things and have a keen interest in survival, which is probably why I'm drawn, if not somewhat addicted, to TFC. :P See you on the servers!
    Name: Heptagon_ru
    Rank: Lazy Idle Couch Potato Moderator
    Bio: Is a typical Schroedinger-type moderator. Constantly resides in a quantum superposition, being both a mod and a lazy coach potato, making it impossible to find out which one it is now until been poked. Tears time-space continuum in proximity, producing lengthy posts and making any interaction infinite in defined time. Sometimes spawns projects, carrying the same superposition state. Enjoys writing similarly undetermined texts. All that might become instantly determined when his box been opened, which is unlikely, since Mother Russia guards him well with mighty bears on unicycles.
    Name: Vikusha
    Rank: Moderator
    Bio: Vikusha was simply wandering around until she found Terrafirmacraft server hosted by Happydiggers community, excited she joined the fun in raising animals, and surviving the dangers from mean creatures. She loved gathering flowers around the lands of Terarirmacraft. Not only did she like the mod, she also liked the server rules and how the owner and the staff manages them. After Terrafirmacraft, Vikusha discovered Ark from HappyDiggers, and decided to try a new challenge and experience the fun in taming dinosaurs, and grow with community that plays on the HappyDiggers servers. Although there is no wild flowers collecting like in Terrafirmacraft, but the experience it can give is enjoyable and so much more. Vikusha is happy to be part of HappyDiggers community, and hopes they live long and grow strong.
    Name: Dourne
    Rank: Moderator
    Bio: I started gaming with Diablo/Warcraft 1 back when they were new..... migrated to Everquest for oh 8+years. Jumped on the Horde ship for WoW at launch for another 8 years, mistakenly choosing a pvp server weeee that was fun. Minecraft was a present kinda to myself but my wife was gonna get it for me. I tend to ruin all my surprises that way lol.

    While not playing I work at a call center and run the production floor while assisting staff with computer/program issues. Walking 3-5 miles a day for 10 hours means I play games a lot. Been married 7 years, lived with her for roughly 10 and known her for 16ish years.

    My Character name is actually the second evolution of characters name from EQ->WoW, as well as 2nd main character.
    Name: Elbe
    Rank: Moderator
    Bio: Elborax, or Elbe, which is his previous and still-favourite nickname, discovered Minecraft in its early versions and has been playing TFC since the 0.78 version. He has finished the game couple of times since then and now enjoys building cool stuff and spreading his knowledge about TFC. He is proud to be a part of the HappyDiggers community. Therefore, he dislikes people who break the rules and harm the community, he would remind them to follow the rules and will justify the server regulations. If you have a problem or a question about TFC or anything else, as long as you are nice, he will be glad to give you a very detailed answer