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  • Minecraft tweaking - Optifine and PC settings

    In this video I show you how to do some tweaking to Windows and how to install Optifine in an easy to use way. Then I show how to configure Optifine Light and Optifine Ultra. The first one is geared towards maximum performance and FPS on slow computers. The second is aimed at faster computers and also gives improved visuals.

    Be mindful when disabling services and programs in Windows. In general you want to keep auto-update and anti-virus programs running. Anything else is usually optional. With each program ask yourself if you really need it.

    Don't be afraid to experiment with Optifine settings. If you just want maximum performance follow the first part of my tutorial on Optifine. If you want to find a balance between performance and improved visuals then pay attention to the second part. Keep in mind that draw distance has a huge impact on performance while anything beyond the 'far' setting does not have a huge impact on gameplay.

    Download Optifine here:

    Download Magic launcher here:

    Optifine Flicker Fix:
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