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    So, it comes to the time again where Flying makes excuses for why he won't be on the server for a while! However, this one is sadly unavoidable..

    From next weekend until August some time, I will be working as a teacher/leader for a program set up for foreign children to come to the UK and learn English. Whilst I will be staying in a location that has WiFi, I will be working 6 days a week from 8 in the morning till around 10/11 at night meaning I simply won't have time to play... My time off is also not certain as it may be an afternoon and the following morning, or one whole day...

    What I'm essentially saying is that I sadly won't have time to get on the server. This isn't me leaving forever (which some of you may have wished it was), but it is simply me saying I will be back soon and that in the mean time I will still be observing the forums and checking up on everything thats going on.

    Keep playing on our servers and let everyone know about them! Have fun and I will see you guys in August!

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    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Teaching foreign children English while you don't speak their language, how does that work exactly?

      Anyway, have fun, don't work too hard, and hope to see you soon
    1. flyinginstyle's Avatar
      flyinginstyle -
      they have a basic understanding of english, they're coming over to further their english skills
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      That somehow reminds me of Coming to America...
    1. demman8's Avatar
      demman8 -
      I guess it's for a good cause. I think..

      You better come back though!
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