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  • Improved replacement for Towny Server

    Some time ago thinking that the Towny server became to leave a feeling that it really is a ghost town I've been working on a better version that will replace it. But here comes up another thing: do you guys want to use this version and take rid of the current map or want to stick to what we have right now keeping the whole progress you guys made?

    But lets take a look first at what this improved server wants to offer to us shall we:

    First of all I wanted to name this the Citadel Server since it will be a war based server between towns but without griefing each others town it will be based on a "tower control' like aspect meaning you capture the X town by taking out all of their defense points (killing a citizen will result in -1 defense point) than it will be an ally in your nation. if you want to set your friends free from the tyranny of the opposite nation be prepared to engage because it will be a great battle out there.

    The server will also feature custom recipes for new weapons. You wont need any mod or anything to make or use them. They will be just vanilla items with special attributes (enchantments for example) and maybe remove some of the vanilla recipes and replace them with harder ones for more challenges!

    The plugins to include as planned are:

    • As a town plugin [Towny + Towny Wars plugins] OR [Muni ](notice that muni is still a work in progress)
    • Craftbook --- used to make bridges, castle gates or other nasty mechanics using just a sign and some redstone if you want to
    • Essentials --- for administration
    • HealthBar --- for health bars displayed above mobs/players
    • Jobs --- you will have a set of jobs to do each of them will get you money
    • MobRider --- to ride mobs (lets ride that cow to victory )
    • Recipe plugin --- used for making recipes
    • WorldEdit, WorldBorder, WorldGuard

    These are the plugins for now. The list may change if there is a "must have" plugin to be added. Builders that applied HERE will start building as soon everything starts. Till everything is finished the server will be whitelisted only staff and builders having access to it.

    So if you want all of the above just use the comment section below and feel free to suggest new stuff you'd want to see on the server. If you want to apply as a builder there's still time but you need to prove you are good at building to get in.
    Comments 4 Comments
    1. DOM's Avatar
      DOM -
      I love the idea. The towny server has not been very popular in the past months so this sound like it would be a fun replacement.
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Starting a new map has my vote. The current world has too much water in which makes it harder to move around.

      Also implement a warp system. Pay-to-warp?
    1. demman8's Avatar
      demman8 -
      I'd be fine with it. I mainly just want a new map!
    1. Pernix_8D's Avatar
      Pernix_8D -
      need new towny server... Sounds too awesome to not have.
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