• Minecraft HappyDiggers AMP E02 - ME Storage and Blastfurnace

    We are playing on the HappyDiggers Feed The Beast server and we are running the upcoming HappyDiggers AMP mod pack. This pack should be released soon. Read all about the mod pack in this forum thread:

    Right now the base is powered by the awesome Force Engines from Dartcraft. This is a great way to get quite a bit of power early on in the game.

    Our base has grown and now we want to use some other things to generate power. It will probably be some kind of biofuel. Hopefully this will produce more then we are using most of the time. The energy we have left over we would like to convert into liquid and store in a giant tank.

    To build a huge tank, we are going to need loads of steel. This we can do with a Blast Furnace which I'm making in this video using the auto crafting facilities of our ME Storage System.
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