• HappyDiggers AMP E05 - Load balancing the Industrial Grinder and talking computers

    Our quarry has produced a lot of ore already which is currently being stored in our ME system. The ores will have to be processed before we can use them. For this purpose we have build an Industrial Grinder in our basement which is a multi block machine.

    Our Industrial Grinder has 4 grinder heads which each can process ores individually. So in order to make them all work efficiently, the ore input needs to be load balanced across the 4 grinder heads so each head gets the same amount of ores.

    The ME network should load balance the ores across the machine. Let's hope it works

    We are using the HappyDiggers AMP mod pack. You can unlock it on the Feed The Beast launcher which you can download here: http://feed-the-beast.com/
    Click the private pack button and then use private code: HappyDiggersAMP

    Read all about the mod in this forum thread:
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