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  • MineCon Tickets!

    MINECON tickets are here!

    In an effort to be fair to people who have jobs or school and those with different schedules we’re releasing tickets in 3 batches to cover different days and times. Each batch is for 2500 tickets and you can purchase up to 6 tickets in one order, to cover families or groups of friends traveling together.

    The release schedule is as follows:

    Ticket Batch 1 – Wednesday July 31 @ 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT
    Ticket Batch 2 – Friday August 2nd @ 7am PDT / 10am EDT
    Ticket Batch 3 – Saturday August 3rd @ 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT

    When you book your tickets you can also book hotels at our special MINECON rates. We have a variety of hotels available with different prices and different distances from the Convention Center.

    Visit minecon.mojang.com to book! Tickets are $150 each, 3yo and under get in for free and don’t need a ticket!

    MINECON will be held at the Orange County Convention Center and will be on November 2-3, times to be announced later (probably from around 10am to around 5pm each day).

    More details will follow about activities at MINECON, but there will of course be panels from Mojang and many community members, an awesome tradeshow where you can check out cool products and services revolving around Minecraft, and of course lots of Minecraft merchandise for sale.

    Volunteer and panelist submissions will be taken soon, details to come in the coming weeks.
    Tickets are $150. Way too expensive for my blood...
    Comments 5 Comments
    1. demman8's Avatar
      demman8 -
      Dom, do you know where we can get baby costumes? I have a plan to get in free.
    1. ethe334's Avatar
      ethe334 -
      I really wanted to go. Too bad its in floridaD:
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      aww i cant go im moving to Qatar in a few months! Everyone who is going i wish you a good time! (and bring me back a creeper head :P).
    1. ethe334's Avatar
      ethe334 -
      Well, I've got a gaming festival in my town. So im alright Insomnia Gaming Festival. Woo
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Maybe next year
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