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  • Pre-order AVGN Adventures and maybe be in the game!

    Fan of the nerd? Fan of old school platform games? Then you're going to love Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. And if you pre-order now you might make it into the game. Not sure how exactly that works. Maybe we'll be in the credits?

    Anyway, check out the pre-order trailer above and some gameplay footage below

    Here's what James has to say about 'his' game.

    In case you couldn't tell, I'm excited for this game. Recently we got the Ducktales HD remake and I'm really liking it. Hooray for old school platform games!
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    1. demman8's Avatar
      demman8 -
      I've heard that the Ducktales remake is really fun. I'll probably buy the game at some point. I've heard about the AVGN game, but I don't know who Angry Video Game Nerd is, so I have no interest in it. Honestly, I liked the comment "No, main boss should be, whoever programmed´╗┐ E.T. on the atari 2600." more than the gameplay itself.

      Watching the First Impression video, the scrotum gun line and riding giant orca whales might make me buy it xD
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      The Angry Video Game Nerd is a series of videos about the nerd reviewing the worst of the worst video games... angrily. It can be quite amusing at times.

      The episode with the glitch gremlin, although not really a review, is Mupje's favorite

      You can check out this guy's channel here:
    1. demman8's Avatar
      demman8 -
      I'm really glad you posted this. His videos are awesome!
    1. kl1172's Avatar
      kl1172 -
      He's great, although doens't seem to make that many videogame reviews anymore. Great nostalgia.
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      The GreenLight initiative is 1 year old. To celebrate a lot of the greenlit games are now on sale.

      You can now get the AVGN game with a 10% discount

      Btw, this is now officially the most awesome ringtone I've had all week!
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