• HappyDiggers AMP E07 - Dumping the Gold

    Our ME system is in danger of overflowing with too many items. Previously we had used ComputerCraft and Miscellaneous Peripherals to get rid of the items we didn't need, but we had to change that setup due to a nasty bug.

    So today I'm making a system based on the ME system using Storage Monitors, Level Emitters and Trash Cans. It's a simple system that takes a bit more work to setup and maintain, but it should run without any problems.

    Also, I fire up the sludge boilers so we can start making unlimited diamonds in an upcoming episode.

    Our mod pack HappyDiggers AMP is freely available on the Feed The Beast launcher using private pack code: HappyDiggersAMP
    Download the Feed The Beast launcher from http://feed-the-beast.com
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    1. Sverf's Avatar
      Sverf -
      The title alone makes me smile 'Dumping the gold'
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Well you know, I try ^^

      This is the first video I've recorded while having my headset plugged into the front audio connector of my sound card. Volume is good, finally. But the recording is crackling/disturbed somehow. I need a better mic for recording....
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