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  • Vote to get the AMP and RPG servers something we need

    You've all been there. You walk around on the AMP or RPG server, some mod decides to throw some ginormous error and your client or the server crashes. Next time you try to log in, the same thing happens.

    Only solution is for someone to either teleport you the moment you join, or to have your player.dat file deleted. Both solutions aren't very convenient.

    So I've made tickes on the Bukkit pages of two plugins that might help us work around these glitches, at least untill the mod authors fix them

    First one is called SimpleTp, the other one is tpLogin. The first has basic TP functionality which will enable us to let player teleport themselves to other players. And the latter always teleports a player to a given spawn point on the map.

    For both these plugins I have requested a feature that will allow us to teleport players while they are offline. To do this their player.dat file needs to be edited or some other way has to be devised. Either way it's quite a bit of work and that is where you guys come in.

    If you would be so kind as to vote on the tickets to let the plugin authors know people want this, then that may help persuade them to make the requested feature.

    Here are the Bukkit page tickets:

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      i cant get on the RPG in the first place lol
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