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  • Admin swap

    Pernix_8D is going to be one of our new admins from now on. He will be taking over from Marius49 who has helped our community for a really long time now.

    I would like to thank Marius for all the time and effort he has put in to help make our community what it is today. He has started many projects like the Prison server and the RPG mod pack. Marius will remain as a moderator henceforth so don't worry, he can still ban with the best of 'em

    Pernix is going to step up and take over maintenance of the RPG mod pack and help develop new projects in our community. I'm excited to see what he's going to do.
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    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      Congrats Pern!
    1. cc3768's Avatar
      cc3768 -
      Hmm I do not know how I feel about that but congrats
    1. ethe334's Avatar
      ethe334 -
      Well Done Pern!

      I hope to see you coming out with some great ideas
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