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  • Vanilla and Snapshot server updated to 1.7.2

    The Vanilla and Snapshot servers have both been updated to Minecraft 1.7.2 and have both started with a new world.

    See the shiny logo above? That will now also appear in front of the server in your Minecraft server list. Cool huh?

    The Snapshot server's IP is: snapshot.happydiggers.net:25566
    Please read the rules regarding the snapshot server before joining.

    The Vanilla server's IP has changed to: vanilla.happydiggers.net:2020

    Access to the Vanilla server is restricted by an invite-only whitelist so please don't ask. We try to add new people to the whitelist each month. If you'd like to be considered, play on our other servers and get noticed in a positive way and maybe we'll pick you
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    1. DOM's Avatar
      DOM -
      OOOH!!! New map! Yeah!
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