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  • New Moderators

    I'm happy to announce that ethe334 and kl1172 have been promoted to the rank of moderator and thus have been given the power of the ban hammer. Also since they are now officially moderators on our servers and forums, please feel free to bother them with all the problems and questions you may have

    Also I would like to thank demman8 for all his years of service as a moderator. He is stepping down and now enjoys the quiet live as a V.I.P. in our ranks
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    1. ethe334's Avatar
      ethe334 -
      Thanks J

      And bye Demman, you were a great moderator. Hope to see you on sometime! THANKS DEMMAN!
    1. DOM's Avatar
      DOM -
      Congrats guys!

      Also, thank you demman for you help in the past.
    1. kl1172's Avatar
      kl1172 -
      Thanks guys, I'll try my best.
    1. TeenageDreamer's Avatar
      TeenageDreamer -
      Congrats to you two
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Hey TD, nice seeing you

      I took the liberty of setting your avatar. Hope you don't mind.
    1. TeenageDreamer's Avatar
      TeenageDreamer -
      Thanks for that J
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