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  • New HappyDiggers TFC Server

    We are happy to announce the new HappyDiggers TerraFirmaCraft server. It's a public server which only uses TFC and MyTown. To join this server all you need to do is install TerraFirmaCraft, no extra mods are required to join the server.

    Server IP: tfc.happydiggers.net:4000 (make sure you add the port number!)

    TFC Wiki: http://terrafirmacraft.com/wiki/

    TFC installation instructions: http://terrafirmacraft.com/wiki/Installation

    Please follow the basic rules:
    -Be nice to players and the staff.
    -No bad language.
    -Please don't ask the staff for blocks, items, teleport, promotions, etc.
    -Please don't grief or steal from other players.
    -Use /mytown to protect your builds.
    -For help and support please use our forums.
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