• HappyDiggers AMP E26 I.D.S.U. a QuarryPlus in the Nether and we visit people on the server

    Today I'm upgrading our base's energy supply with a really expensive piece of GregTech machinery: the I.D.S.U. It should keep our energy reserves up during the night. Also we're putting down a QuarryPlus in the Nether and setting it up so that we're getting all the deliciously yummy lava into our ME system.

    After all that hard work is done I spend some time looking at what some of the other players on our server are up to. Ethe is building a tree house inside a giant tree. Dom is trying to make life more difficult for himself, and Mupje is going to make us more yummy food stuffs.

    On another note, I made the best video transition ever! Retro Batman style FTW! ^^

    I'm playing with the HappyDiggers AMP mod pack which you can unlock on the Feed The Beast Client using private pack code: HappyDiggersAMP

    Download FTB client here: http://feed-the-beast.com/

    If you want to get support, please ask me on one of the links below.

    FTB forum thread: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/25566/

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