• HappyDiggers AMP E27 Rubber and 16 colors tree farm

    Today it's time to seriously automate our dye production. We've been messing about with rose red and dandelion yellow for long enough!

    I'm using Minefactory Reloaded planters and harvesters to grow 16 different colors or dye trees from Project Red and 2 sets of rubber trees. The interesting part is that this farm will be powered by our Mekanism solar farm and I'm using Mekanism conduits to connect the power and Applied Energistics sytem.

    It's a fine example of how all kinds of different mods come together in our mod pack.

    I'm playing with the HappyDiggers AMP mod pack which you can unlock on the Feed The Beast Client using private pack code: HappyDiggersAMP

    Download FTB client here: http://feed-the-beast.com/

    If you want to get support, please ask me on one of the links below.

    FTB forum thread: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/25566/

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