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  • Help test our new MC server

    We have spend a lot of time and effort over the past year building our new regular Minecraft server. It has now reached a point where it's ready for testing. This means HappyDiggers V.I.P. members and staff now get to play there and see if everything is working as it should.

    The server is still whitelisted, only HappyDiggers V.I.P. members and staff are allowed to join. Once the server is ready for the public we'll let you know

    Please join the server at:

    All you need to join is regular Minecraft 1.7.9. No mods/forge/plugins/custom-launchers needed.
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    1. Lyneira's Avatar
      Lyneira -
      I found a second Trader Barry hiding behind the wheat fields next to the river He has clones!
    1. cliffs's Avatar
      cliffs -
      I love it! I've found a couple bugs though.
      -passive mobs don't spawn past the first few islands, roughly 600+ blocks past spawn.
      -Brewing stands can't be used if there's a block above them, and if placed in a spot with a block above them they can't be removed until any block below them is removed. This includes blocks that aren't full height. Placing a lockette sign overrides this behavior.
      -a wooden door, once clicked on, will stay in this state unless updated with a constant redstone signal. (I.e. if the door is placed closed and opened, it will be impossible to close by hand.) Again, lockette overrides this behavior.

      I hope this is helpful. Next to amp this may be my new favorite server.
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