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  • ethe334 becomes admin

    ethe334 after having helped our community as an active moderator has now joined the ranks of the all powerful admins.

    Among other things ethe will be responsible for getting the new Spigot server ready for the public
    Comments 6 Comments
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
    1. ethe334's Avatar
      ethe334 -
      Don't shout if I get something wrong!
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      Dont worry ethe, I think youll be fine! And besides youre trusted so if you get something wrong its OK (until you do it 3 times! :P)
    1. Pernix_8D's Avatar
      Pernix_8D -
      Congrats ethe!
    1. Lyneira's Avatar
      Lyneira -
    1. avafede2000's Avatar
      avafede2000 -
      Congrats man! The first day you joined i knew you would be something better than me. I knew my minor helping would do something haha
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