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  • Moderator Applications

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening.

    Today, I am here to announce a update,

    Moderator Applications

    I am well aware that many people would like to be moderator on our servers, so I am offering the chance for you to apply. We are accepting from many different people, from current members of HD, or V.I.P's of HD. Everyone is welcome to apply.

    BUT! There is always a catch;

    There are things that I (and the staff) are looking for:

    • Age 20+
    • Perfect Reputation on MCBans.com [We will check]
    • Previous Experience?
    • A YouTube channel with/or willing to make a LP series. (Bonus Points)
    • MinecraftForum Account?
    • Activity on our servers?
    • Why are you moderator material?

    Now. Here are some questions that you should answer in your application?

    What previous experience have you had as a moderator?
    (Provide reference if possible)

    Why do you think you should be a moderator on HD?

    What makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants?

    What do you think the job of a moderator is like?

    Feel free to add any questions on.

    Now. You have made an application? Good.

    Send it to me at;



    PS: Please don't ask me to look at your application. They will all get looked at in due time.
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