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    Server upgraded with stupid fast hardware

    What a beast :eek: Go to last post

    Elbe97 30th June 2020 19:07

    Server upgraded with stupid fast hardware

    That's a very nice upgrade! Thank you for all the hard work J! ;) Go to last post

    Marius49 28th June 2020 13:15

    Server upgraded with stupid fast hardware

    Awesome! Great work J! Go to last post

    LegendOfAir 27th June 2020 23:29
  • Snapshot server updated to 15w34d

    There have been a ton of new features and bug fixes since the last update. Here are the latest changes since the last Snapshot server update:
    • Splash text: "More Digital!"
    • Lingering Potion:
      • Thrown like a splash potion.
      • Leaves a bubble of the potion particle
      • While that bubble is there, if a mob/player walks into it, they will get the effect
      • Has all the potion types
      • Even works with potions whose effect are instant, like Harming
      • Brewed with Dragon's Breath and a Splash Potion
      • Because you cannot put a splash potion into the brewing stand, you have to do it differently
      • Make a normal splash potions and don't take them out, then combine them with Dragon's Breath

    • Dragon's Breath!
      • Found in the brewery section of the creative inventory
      • Can be used to brew Lingering Potions with Dragon's Breath and Splash Potion.
      • Can be obtained by right clicking with a Glass Bottle while the dragon breathes the item.
      • Stacks in the inventory

    • End Gateway block
      • Changed texture
      • Instead of each side having a texture, creating a weird effect, it is all one texture, not each individual side

    • Ender Dragon
      • Made the fight harder[2]
      • It now breathes the new Dragon Breath when hovering over the exit portal.
      • The fireballs now act like a lingering potion
      • The fireball will create dragon breath that lingers
      • It is invincible to arrows while at the portal
      • Arrows will bounce back and hold a flame as if they were shot using a bow that has the Flame enchantment

    • Dispensers: When shooting splash/lingering potions, they shoot very far, like throwing a snowball
    • Shields
    • New “attack strength” combat mechanic.
    • Maps now start at a more useful zoom level.
    • Map zoom can be changed upwards (crafted with paper) or downwards (crafted with shears)
    • New recipe for zooming in a map.
    • Lots of optimizations!
    • Improved command blocks*.
    • Command blocks have 3 modes: Repeat (purple color, works like a clock), Chain (green; works in sequences with other blocks), Impulse (what command blocks have always been)
    • Command blocks are now directional
    • Worsened Zombies’ arms getting tired.
    • "critical" and "knockback" attacks are separate mechanics now, and are done differently
    • There is an attack related to slow movement, possibly the swiping attack (hold your crouch key + left-click)
    • Axes have a unique mechanic for attacking as well (stun shield-using combatants?)

    You can join the server at:

    Please keep in mind that this server has different rules than our other servers. You can find them on our servers page.
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