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  • Java security update!

    If you play Minecraft you use Java and this is important for you . Java 8 Update 65 is here which fixes a bunch of security holes, 25 in total of which 24 are remotely exploitable! Please download java 8 here: https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp

    If you run a 64-bit OS, make sure you download the 64-bit version.

    And as always, keep Java disabled in your browser at all costs!
    How do I disable Java in my web browser?

    Also read this (quote from https://blogs.oracle.com/security/):
    Oracle Java SE receives 25 new security fixes, 24 of which are remotely exploitable without authentication. The highest reported CVSS Base Score for these Java SE vulnerabilities is 10.0. 20 of the Java SE vulnerabilities only affect client deployment of Java SE (e.g., Java in the browser). The remaining 5 vulnerabilities affect client and server deployments of Java SE.
    Also if you still use Java 7, consider updating to Java 8 since 7 is no longer supported and contains security issues that will not get fixed.
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    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Thanks for the update

      Playing Minecraft is living dangerously. It would be nice if they made Minecraft 2 in C++
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