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  • Snapshot server updated to 15w44a

    Its been a while since we last updated the snapshot server. Here's all the relevant changes.
    Happy hunting in The End!

    Notable changes 15w44:

    • Rebalanced loot found in generated chests (dungeons, for example)
    • Added new mechanic for respawning the Ender Dragon
    • New item: End Crystal. Currently drops from Skeletal Horses.
    • Re-rebalanced the golden apples.
    • Made the “buff bar” at the top of the screen properly respect hidden & ambient effects.
    • Made the new saturation -> food mechanic only apply when you’re not hungry
    • Fixed many bugs.
    • Bones and bone meals are now 50% cooler. No particliar reason why, they just are.

    Notable changes 15w43:

    • New structure in the world.
    • New “loot table” concept, allows you (or custom map creators) to change the loot inside randomly generated chests, or what mobs drop.
    • Improved debug menu.
    • Increased the amount of strongholds.
    • Realigned the ■■■■■■■
    • Some bug fixes & bug unfixes.

    Notable changes 15w42:

    • Added two new “treasure” enchantments: “Frost Walker” and “Mending”.
    • Treasure enchantments cannot be created, only found.
    • “Frost Walker” enchant leaves a path of frost (new block) behind you, when walking across water.
    • “Mending” enchant allows items to stay durable, at a cost.
    • Improved speed & handling of boats.
    • Added new cost to using brewing stands.
    • Fixed a bunch of bugs.
    • Optimised a bunch of plugs.
    • Drank from a bunch of jugs.

    Notable changes 15w41:

    • Fixed boats.
    • Added reward to End Cities.
    • Broke boats.
    • Improved cheat detection in multiplayer.
    • Fixed boats again.
    • Swoosh.
    • Splash.
    • Oink.

    Notable changes 15w40:

    • Lots of changes to mob pathfinding.
    • Changes to how health regenerates.
    • Some bug fixes.
    • Some optimisations.
    • Some hugs.
    • Some bugs.

    Notable changes 15w39:

    • Found a big cause of FPS loss from 1.8, and hopefully fixed it.
    • Made a funny joke in a changelog.
    • [Bug MC-51987] – Minecart/Activator Dismount Location is Inconsistent in Cardinal Directions
    • [Bug MC-52274] – Dismounting does not work to the South, South east, and South west, and is offset in negative quadrants
    • [Bug MC-65040] – Entities become invisible under certain conditions
    • [Bug MC-68403] – Entities become invisible after death & respawn
    • [Bug MC-84060] – Trapdoor placement is awkward
    • [Bug MC-86391] – Acacia Leaves and Black Oak Leaves pick block function links errors
    • [Bug MC-87658] – Shield patterns offset by 1 pixel
    • [Bug MC-88929] – Items lost when shift clicking in full container / inventory

    Notable changes 15w38:

    • Clonk. Clunk. Neigh!
    • More optimisations!
    • More bug fixes!
    • Further improvements to general mob AI.
    • Taught skeletons how to multitask.
    • Made all pet (ocelot & wolves) deaths be announced to their owners, not just named ones.
    • Thunder & Lightning is 0.02% more scary.
    • Clank. Clonk. Twang. Thud.

    Notable changes 15w37:

    • Rebalanced weapon, tools again.
    • Rebalanced shields.
    • Hardcore mode no longer deletes your world on death; instead you may spectate it.
    • Added new gamerule to disable chunk generation for spectators.
    • Allowed the bow to be shot from off-hand.
    • Made chunk generation much smoother in both multiplayer and singleplayer.
    • Added new flatworld preset.
    • Lots of optimisations.
    • Many bug fixes.
    • Cuddling increases happiness by 35%.
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