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  • New server plans made public

    For the past half year or so we've been discussing plans for a bunch of new servers. This was done behind the scenes with our V.I.P. members and staff. Now I feel the plans have matured enough that we'd like to share them with the public.

    Please feel free to read about the plans on our forum and join the discussion. You can find the thread here: http://happydiggers.net/showthread.p...w-server-plans

    The current plan is to setup/configure the following (new) servers:
    • Lobby server, free
    • TFC freebie server, free
    • TFC regular, premium tier 1
    • ARK survival evolved, premium tier 1
    • TFC hardcore, premium tier 2
    • TechnodeFirmacraft, premium tier 2

    These servers won't be up for quite some time. As always we won't rush things and will take our time to get everything nice and ready.
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    1. LarsonPacific's Avatar
      LarsonPacific -
      This all seems very reasonable; good pricing structure, very fair. Having been a sysadmin for the majority of my career, I understand the costs involved in running a show like this, and no reasonable person can argue that you should be paying for something that everyone is enjoying.

      As an active player, I like the proposed loosening of animal limits, especially for hardcore. Breeding horses with a limit of four, when being both mortal and the fastest way to get around the world, is challenging. Since the main issue with animals seems to be animal bumping, I would be quite happy to see a rule, even right now on the current servers, that says all animals must be individually penned... it looks better anyways imho.

      As for any of the talk in the thread of pay for mod/pay for admin... no bueno. That should absolutely be a merit based system only.

      My biggest concern with a server switch, is losing everything. With so much real life time tied to mining and smelting ores for materials, losing everything would probably make me stop playing entirely, or start my own server where that wouldn't ever happen again. I'm fairy certain that sentiment would be shared by anyone with a significant time investment in their towns. Personally, I would like to see either a "vault" world, with a shared inventory, where resources could be stored by individuals pre-switch on a plot (maybe accessible only to donors?), or, I would like to have the ability to at least inventory what I have, and maybe have to pay a moving fee to have a mod or admin place the items in the list in the new world. Personally, I like the "vault" idea more, and would likely illicit more donations sooner if accessible by donors only. Maybe one vault world for regular, and one for hardcore?

      Anyways, other than that, everything looks good to me. I really appreciate all the time all the staff has put in to making the HD community what it is. Jiro is a legend; I'd be happy to pay a little more to see that guy on the payroll. Talent like that is hard to find! And a big thankyou to you J, for all the time, money and effort you've put in to get things where they are today. It's truly awesome. And I can't forget RX, for always keeping an eye on things and being there to help maintain order

      Anyways, that's all from me. Keep up the good work!
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Thanks! I've replied to your post here.
    1. LegendOfAir's Avatar
      LegendOfAir -
      This is a really cool idea!
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