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  • Welcome our new Moderator!

    Hey guys we've got a new moderator that I'm sure a lot of you HappyDigger TerraFirmaCrafters know well. Please welcome LarsonPacific to the HappyDiggers staff team!
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    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
    1. Heptagon_ru's Avatar
      Heptagon_ru -
      Awesome! Welcome! (And please cmon update Staff page already guys! Btw, KodeKatt's Nyan Cat video is unavailable any more ).
    1. Commiellama2's Avatar
      Commiellama2 -
      O hai Larson!
    1. RJS1997's Avatar
      RJS1997 -
    1. Rainnmannx's Avatar
      Rainnmannx -
    1. TheRealPoker's Avatar
      TheRealPoker -
      Congrats Lars!
    1. LegendOfAir's Avatar
      LegendOfAir -
    1. Sverf's Avatar
      Sverf -
      Welcome and good luck!
    1. LarsonPacific's Avatar
      LarsonPacific -
      Thanks for the warm welcome everyone
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      We're glad to have you as a staff member
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