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  • 2015 HappyDiggers Wrap Up

    Hello everyone! This year I get to do the year-end review to wrap up on everything that has happened within HappyDiggers. There have been a lot of big projects completed this year along with newer and bigger ones just starting up!

    A few days before 2015 our Build 79 TFC server was launched. It took several months of hard work from many volunteers, but the end result was a fantastic jaw dropping server that everyone enjoys to this day.

    Our signature Hard Core style of TFC also started during the Build 79 world release. At first it started as a continent in the far reaches of the Regular TFC server. After seeing how popular the mode had become we decided to amp it up and make a world devoted to the Hard Core style. Now we want to take it to the next level and make it even bigger, and better, in 2016.

    We recruited a fantastic mod in Februrary. All the TFCers know RainnMannx in one way or another. We’re lucky to have him and we’re glad he joined up with the HappyDiggers Staff to help make our community stronger, and more fun!

    On May 2nd the HappyDiggers website got a new look. InsaneJ updated the wallpaper of the website with a snippet from his youtube video intros. He also set the default color of the website to blue. Why blue? Perhaps he’s a little guy that lives in a blue world, where all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue like him, inside and outside.

    ~Lots of Minecraft shenanigans~

    In August we introduced a new website that could play music and videos to anybody in the community that wanted to watch and listen. It was a fun way to share each other’s musical tastes and just hang out in general. We also acquired a new mod in late August to help moderate the PlugDJ and non-TFC servers. Legendair968 joined our ranks. Unfortunately, the owners of PlugDJ weren’t able to acquire enough donations to keep it running and the service went down in late September.

    In early December we started gearing up for 4 brand new TFC servers! In the not so distant future we’ll have a new free TFC server and 3 premium TFC servers supporting Hard Core TFC, a premium regular TFC, and a TechnodeFirmaCraft server. InsaneJ has been generating the worlds and getting them ready for the inevitable road and infrastructure construction. Anybody who wants to volunteer time to help can visit this thread. The new servers will also include a new ARK Survival Evolved server.

    And finally, we recruited another mod in late December just in time for the 2015 wrap up. LarsonPacific joined the staff ranks for his outstanding roles in the community. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of great things from him!

    Rule breakers didn’t have a good year though. Between all the staff, 189 bans were issued. Imagine having 189 people rotating around on our servers causing chaos with griefing, swearing, harassment, etc. We have such a nice community and we (staff) do our best to keep it that way. Thank you to all who don’t break the rules and enjoy our fun gaming community together!

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    1. Heptagon_ru's Avatar
      Heptagon_ru -
      Awesome review Happy New Year!
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      InsaneJ -
      Happy New Year!
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      Metamorfos -
      Happy New Year!
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