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  • HappyDiggers TFC updated to

    The HappyDiggers TFC servers have been updated to user TerraFirmaCraft You can grab this version from the download page here. Be sure to also update your Forge version to

    We skipped 0.79.27 due to a login bug which has been fixed in the current 0.79.28 version of TFC. Here's the changelog for the last two versions:

    TFC 0.79.28 Changelog
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed login crash due to the client attempting to render the HUD before the player has finished logging in.
    • Fixed smithing efficiency bonus being applied to all blocks, instead of just blocks the tool is effective on.
    • Fixed sapling time-stamp resetting when growing into a tree fails due to not enough space. Added WAILA message for saplings that do not have enough space to grow that will not disappear until the sapling grows into a tree, as constantly scanning to see if space has been cleared is resource intensive.
    • Fixed rare case of the old double chest crash when trying to place a non-oak chest next to an oak single chest.

    TFC 0.79.27 Changelog

    New Features
    • Added WAILA support for protection meters.
    • Added config option to disable the tool mode indicator.

    • Seeds for hardy crops can be planted regardless of the current temperature.
    • Removed leftover calls to unfinished, unimplemented, body temperature system. Should create slight performance increases.
    • Widened core sample scan range for surface nugget spawning.
    • All extra items obtained from crafting recipes such as hides from scraping sheepskin and straw from refining grain are dropped at the player's feet instead of first attempting to place it in their inventory.
    • Grass can now spread to blocks with indirect sky access (e.g. blocks underneath transparent blocks like glass or fences).
    • Floating grass that is within range of support beams will not convert to dirt when receiving a block update.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed missing NBT data error message using display name instead of unlocalized name, resulting in random crashes when looking up recipes for food.
    • Cleaned up food crafting recipes so both the input and the output displayed have the blank NBT tags.
    • Fixed dough making not consuming enough grain due to the negative decay value on extremely fresh or cheated-in foods.
    • Removed some leftover references to the old dual-ores that would appear when using addons like NEI.
    • Fixed block exist check in fungi spawning using vanilla's weird coordinate system.
    • Fixed being able to pick up lava and hot spring water with a barrel or large vessel.
    • Fixed possible liquid dupe exploit.
    • Fixed buggy plum tree leaves. All buggy plum leaf blocks must be broken manually for new bug-free plum leaf blocks to grow.
    • Fixed decay tag truncating causing some foods to last indefinitely if the initial tick created a small enough amount of decay.
    • Fixed milk buckets that have been filled from a barrel or large vessel missing their NBT data.
    • Fixed spawn protection capping out at 180 days regardless of config setting.
    • Fixed server/client config sync issues for ore unit and timer config options.
    • Fixed synced config options from servers being applied to single player worlds if the player does not restart the game after logging out of the server.
    • Fixed issue with hot, unworked items that are hit or drawn in the anvil not displaying the "This item has been worked" tooltip since the arrow was not moved.
    • Fixed extra unit obtained from pouring liquid unshaped metal into a crucible or another mold.
    • Fixed baby animals occasionally spawning inside of blocks and dying if the mother was standing right next to the block when giving birth.
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