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  • Prepare to move to the new TFC servers

    March 10th the old TFC servers will close and the new ones will open. I will not wait for people to move their stuff on March 10th. So please get your stuff in the Ark no later than March 9th. Press TAB to see the server's date/time. That's the time I live by.

    After the old servers close I need to manually move the Arks to the new server, convert the player data and put that on the new server. Then builders need to build a dock for the Arks. Once everything is done the new servers are ready for the public.

    This means that for a period there will be no TFC servers available on March 10th. I'll try to keep this window as small as possible. However people are free to enjoy our lobby server and the many games it offers.

    Once the new servers open I will make an announcement on the front page, the forum, the TFC forum and Twitter.

    Please see these thread on our forum for more information:
    New server plans
    Build thread: Freebie TFC, Donor TFC / TFC HC / TnFC
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