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  • V.I.P. Vanilla server updated to 1.9.2 (update)

    The HappyDiggers Vanilla Minecraft server has been updated to Minecraft 1.9. This new update brings a lot of new features that you guys have probably already heard a ton about. If not then please enjoy this video:

    We have decided to reset the Vanilla map and do a community coop session to get started with building stuff around spawn. The new Vanilla server has a simple rule or theme or whatever you want to call it. If players don't settle next to spawn, they will have to build a powered railroad from spawn to their base. Help by other players to create these railroads is of course encouraged

    Our Vanilla Minecraft server is whitelisted for our V.I.P. members only. You may have seen them playing on our other servers. If you'd like to become a V.I.P. member too and gain access to our private serves: then be most excellent We pick and choose V.I.P. members so it's literally a popularity contest. If other V.I.P. members like you, you may get picked.

    The server has been updated to 1.9.2
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