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  • Donor TechnodeFirmaCraft server updated to 2.16.4

    The TechnodeFirmaCraft server for our donors has been updated to 2.16.4 using AT Launcher share code: Wr9IKrNh

    This update comes with the following changelog:
    Updated Mods:

    • Immersive Engineering (Fastcraft lighting Glitch)
    • VoxelMap
    • Forestry

    Tweaks and Fixes:
    • TNFCmod
      • TFC Bow not hidden in NEI.
    • Vanilla
      • New map recipe (compass isn't used up).
      • New Compass recipe.
    • Immersive Engineering
      • Metal press uses a sheet instead of 4 ingots.
      • Double sheet can be crafted with 2 metal sheets in metal press.
    • Forestry
      • Fixed gear recipes to output 2 gears as intended.
      • Monastic Bee recipe added.
      • Spectral and Phantasmal bees disabled.
    • Mek
      • Blacklist working again.
    • OpenComputers
      • Fixed Case 2 recipe.
      • Fixed Circuit recipe.
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. galros's Avatar
      galros -
      Thanks for the "Ninja update" J
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      You're welcome, but this wasn't really a ninja update. Updating TnFC is quite tedious. For the client you can use the share code, but for the server I need to manually figure out which mods to update and which to hold back. Should I accidentally forget a mod then the world will be destroyed. If I add something that's only for the client then the server will crash.

      The AT Launcher is great for clients. You can install or remove mods with a few clicks. But server wise I really prefer FTB mod packs. They tend to keep server and client in sync and you don't have to worry about doing manual updates. Just extract the server .zip and you're done. It's the stuff you can do ninja updates with
    1. galros's Avatar
      galros -
      It's very good that you tell us about it. We learn a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes
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