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  • ARK Valhalla server gets some new mods - SHARKS and LASERS!!!

    Jiro has updated ARK Valhalla server with three new mods to spice things up. You can now breed some sharks, add lasers and store all your junk in fancy looking storage containers. What more could you want?
    Here's what's new:

    Ocean Breeding
    • Allow breeding for: Ichthy, Megalodon, Angler, Plesiosaur and Mosasaurus.
    • All water creatures get babies by gestation.
    • Every creature got variable gestation and maturing time.
    • No dino loss due install or uninstall this modification.

    DJH's More Storage
    • 25 slot - Small Metal Storage
    • 100 slot - Metal Storage
    • 200 slot - Metal Bookcase
    • 300 slot - Metal Vault
    • 40 slot - Small Obsidian Storage
    • 200 slot - Obsidian Storage
    • 300 slot - Obsidian Bookshelf
    • 500 slot - Obsidian Vault

    Photon Sentry N Rifle
    • Adds Tranq Photon Rifle with server adjustable torpor.
    • Adds Photon Sentry turrets with higher damage, server adjustable too.
    • Metal tier but vulnerable to rockets.
    • Very effective against larger beasts or tough modded beasts.
    • Clean and stackable with other mods.

    The HappyDiggers ARK Valhalla server runs the ginormous Valhalla map and can be reached at the following IP:
    More information about this server can be found here.
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