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  • HappyDiggers Ark 3 Scorched Earth Launch!!!

    Fellow survivors! I'm very happy to announce our THIRD Ark server! Scorched Earth is a harsh desert climate map with many new dinos and dangers throughout. This server is linked to our Island and Valhalla servers so you can transfer your dinos, items, and characters in between all three servers!

    You can join the server via IP: happydiggers.net:29015

    HappyDiggers Scorched Earth has the same server settings as Valhalla, which includes double experience, max player level 200, wild dino max level 240, etc. See Here for a complete list. You will need to have the Ark: Survival Evolved Scorched Earth DLC to play on the server. If you don't have the DLC you can obtain Scorched Earth items and dinos on our Valhalla server.

    This new server will be running 3 mods. The Difficulty 8 mod to increase wild dino levels, Structures Plus for building convenience, and Resource Stacks for added item convenience.

    Along with the new server launch The Island Ark server has been updated with max player level 200, double experience, and the Resource Stacks mod. This will allow The Island to have characters and items easily transferable between all three servers without confusion and issues.

    Good luck out there survivors!
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