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  • HappyDiggers Snapshot Server 17w13b (update)

    The HappyDiggers Snapshot server has been updated to 17w13b. This snapshot comes with the following changes:

    • Found a new feathery friend
    • Advanced the game
    • Brought some new knowledge
    • Hired a new robot butler (ctrl+b)
    • Fixed some bugs!
    • Added some new ones!

    You can join this server at:
    Please keep in mind that this server has very specific rules that deviate from our other servers. Read more about that on our servers page.

    17w13b has been released. I've update the snapshot server to this version. It comes with the following changes:
    • Bug MC-114881 - Some entity block models do not render
    • Bug MC-114883 - No recipes unlocking on server
    • Bug MC-114891 - Advancement window is blank when no advastments are unlocked
    • Bug MC-114893 - Parrots being erased from existence if too many are held
    • Bug MC-114909 - Parrots' Eye Level isn't Aligned with their Model's Eyes
    • Bug MC-114933 - Parrots don't Imitate Cave Spiders
    • Bug MC-114936 - Game crashes when trying to use crafting book and items needed are in off-hand or armor slots
    • Bug MC-114937 - Parrots show hearts when clicked with wheat
    • Bug MC-115004 - "Summon the Wither" advancement checks to see if you summoned the ender dragon
    • Bug MC-115026 - Message in the chat: New recipe unlocked for minecraft
    • Bug MC-115098 - Parrots unrestricted spawning causing world to inevitably crash from the number of entities.
    • Bug MC-115101 - "full" option for the "inventory_changed" trigger inversely compares stack size
    • And probably some others!
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      Elbe97 -
      yay! parrots!
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