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  • HappyDiggers Ark Ragnarok Server Launch!

    I'm pleased to announce the addition of a fourth Ark server to HappyDiggers! Ragnarok is a new modded map still under development. It has been in the works for many months now and is currently standing at 50% completed according to the developer. The same developer that brought us Valhalla is the creator of Ragnarok as well, and he has learned a thing or two on how to build maps for server performance.

    The map is 3x bigger than The Island, has scorched earth content, has its own world scar (wyverns), a massive desert (still under development), lots of neat biomes and caves you can build in, massive dungeons, a new mini boss, an erupting volcano, and many more fancy things.

    This server is lightly modded vanilla meaning it will have Structures Plus and Resource Stacks just like our other servers and will be clustered into the Ark network so you can transfer your character, dinos, and items between Ragnarok, The Island, and Scorched Earth whenever you like. Currently the Ragnarok mod/map is 2.2 gigabytes big. Due to the development status of Ragnarok you can expect updates for the server at any time, sometimes daily, so be prepared for that. Our staff will try and stay on top of the updates as best we can, and you can always report if the server is down in our Ark Server Down Report Thread.

    The server IP is: happydiggers.net:30015
    You can click the IP link to directly join if you have Steam open.

    Server rates mirror that of The Island and Scorched Earth. Information on rates can be found in the main HappyDiggers Ark Thread.

    Don't forget to thank InsaneJ for letting us run these awesome Ark servers in this great community!
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    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -

      Nice job Jiro
    1. Dourne's Avatar
      Dourne -
      fyi, server was not found on the server page of the site.
    1. Jiro_89's Avatar
      Jiro_89 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dourne View Post
      fyi, server was not found on the server page of the site.
      Thanks for lettings us know, the server page has been updated.
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