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  • HappyDiggers Snapshot updated to 17w49b - UPDATE

    The HappyDiggers Snapshot server has been updated to 17w48a. You can read the full changelog here.

    If you want to give this snapshot a try and you are using MultiMC, then right now you will need to update MultiMC to the development branch. As is usually the case with development branches, this stuff will end up in the regular releases in the future. But for right now you'll need the dev version of MultiMC. Either that, or use the vanilla launcher.

    Be sure to backup your Minecraft instances. Development builds contain bugs. Some bugs may eat some things that you don't want them to, like your Minecraft instances... for instance. Hah!

    Updating MultiMC to the dev version is easy. Go to settings -> MultiMC -> Features.
    Check the option: "Check for updates when MultiMC starts?"
    And select "Update Channel: Development"

    The HappyDiggers Snapshot server has different rules form our other servers. Be sure to read about them on our servers page.

    HappyDiggers Snapshot Server IP:

    Updated to 17w48b. See changelog here.
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      Elbe97 -
      that instance pun tho
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      Dourne -
      for instance, what instance.
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