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  • HappyDiggers Ark Aberration Release!

    Hello all!

    We've finally received the new Ark DLC map Aberration. As I've posted several times, the server will be open to HappyDiggers donors for the first month followed by a public release. To make the server much more interesting item downloads will be disabled for 3 months. You can transfer your character in, but no items. Aberration is defaulted to not allow non-Aberration dinos, so don't even try to transfer them with you. Characters, items, and downloads can transfer out to the rest of the HappyDiggers Ark cluster. Currently you can't transfer Aberration dinos to other servers or back into Aberration which seems to be on WildCard's end, so don't try for now. Rates are the same as the other HappyDiggers servers.

    Direct connect IP:

    Edit: Patch 275.33 has fixed aberration dino transfers.
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