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    Progress on our Server Donor Drive. We are saving up for a RAM upgrade. As long as this is up any donations will go towards this goal.

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  • Scheduled Maintenance Friday 2018-02-02 - update

    This Friday, 2018-02-02, we'll be doing some maintenance on our switches and router. As a result the HappyDiggers website and all out servers will be unreachable. The maintenance window is somewhere between 18:00 and 22:00 CET.

    We'll be replacing our old Dell PowerConnect 5324 switch with a brand new HP Enterprise OfficeConnect 1920S switch. Also we'll be doing some work on our PFSense router to facilitate IGMP streams so, after 5 years or so, we can finally watch TV. Yes, that's how much we've missed paying to watch commercials four times an hour

    Network maintenance is done!
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