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  • HappyDiggers Snapshot updated to 18w21a

    The HappyDiggers Snapshot server has been updated to 18w21a.
    You can try out new features and just goof around on this server. There are less strict rules here than on our other servers. Please be sure to read about it on our servers page.

    We recommend using MultiMC to easily install and manage different Minecraft instances. It's a lot easier to use than the Mojang Minecraft launcher. Especially if you're into modding Minecraft

    HappyDiggers Snapshot server IP:

    This new snapshot has a few new features and a ton of bug fixes.

    Changes in 18w21a

    • Dolphins no longer wear armor
    • Dolphins will now help you find treasures
    • Lerp
    • Fixed some bugs

    Fixed bugs in 18w21a

    • MC-52974 - Host's skin not visible to other players when in LAN world
    • MC-72866 - Item shading inside item frames does not account for rotation
    • MC-97196 - /spreadplayers shows wrong error message / large number in error message when no entities were spread
    • MC-105139 - Entity head rotation not interpolating on Yaw axis
    • MC-123199 - Lighting renders incorrectly on item frames oriented vertically
    • MC-123454 - Dispenser using spawn egg spawns mob too high
    • MC-123455 - Using spawn egg spawns mob too high on the water and lava
    • MC-123598 - Fence top missing texture when below fence gate
    • MC-123769 - Some item names that previously had colors doesn't have colors anymore
    • MC-124954 - Jungle temple redstone wire is not connected
    • MC-125377 - Structures from old worlds don't regenerate if opened with 1.13 standalone client/server
    • MC-126086 - Salmon and tropical fish hitbox on land is wrongly positioned
    • MC-126863 - Sounds made with water in spectator mode
    • MC-127116 - When placing a wall using /setblock without specifying a block state, it is invisible; default state has up=false
    • MC-127333 - Carpet and panes don't show the right colors on maps
    • MC-127586 - Mobs do not suffocate in double slabs
    • MC-127996 - Bone meal can be put on floating water
    • MC-128139 - Sea grass generates water source when placed on flowing water
    • MC-128251 - Grass and mycelium can spread to dirt blocks which are submerged under general water
    • MC-128493 - Dolphins can wear armor
    • MC-129058 - Dolphins become permanent (can't despawn) after playing with an item
    • MC-129708 - Armor slot icons are backwards
    • MC-129808 - "demo.day.6" does not include the keybinding correctly
    • MC-129849 - Upgrade from 1.6.4 destroys world, spams errors
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